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Recent Trial Results

A business owner in Collin county was arrested and charged with assaulting his girlfriend.  The girlfriend claimed she suffered from injuries resulting in approximatly $12,000 worth of medical bills that she wanted restitution for.  Attorney Melissa K. DuBose took the case to trial in front of a Jury.  After seeing photographs of the injury and hearing the alleged victim testify, Ms. DuBose convinced the jury to doubt the victims claims.  The jury found her client "NOT GUILTY."  The client never paid a dime in restitution and was acquitted of all charges. 2011

A young man was arrested in Addison for driving while intoxicated.  He had two friends with him who were both arrested for public intoxication.  Both the driver and one of his friends hired Melissa DuBose.  Melissa DuBose obtained a dismissal on the public intoxication charge for the passenger.  The driver of the vehicle failed all three field sobriety tests but refused to provide a breath sample.  The district attorney would not negotiate on the driving while intoxicated charge so Melissa DuBose took the case to trial and convinced six jurors of her client’s innocence, obtaining a “NOT GUILTY” verdict. 2010
A businessman is pulled over for driving while intoxicated after falling asleep at the wheel and totaling his vehicle.  At the scene he failed all three field sobriety tests.  When arrested and taken to the police station he provided a breath sample that was over the legal limit.  With the deck stacked against them, Melissa DuBose took his case to trial in front of a jury.  Melissa DuBose convinced several of the jurors that her client was NOT GUILTY which, thereby, resulted in a hung jury.  The businessman was never convicted of driving while intoxicated. 2010

  A young professional woman was stopped in a trendy area in Dallas at around 10:00 p.m. for speeding.  The officer investigated her for driving while intoxicated.  After failing all three field sobriety tests and a breath test at the scene she was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Melissa DuBose worked diligently on the case, eventually taking the case to trial in front of a jury.  Melissa DuBose convinced the jury her client was innocent! The young woman was found “NOT GUILTY!” 2009

  A woman was charged with “theft” upon leaving a grocery store in Richardson.  An employee from the grocery store claimed he saw the young woman stealing.  The manager claimed the young woman was acting “suspiciously” which he illustrated using surveillance video from the store.  When the officers stopped the young woman in the grocery store parking lot she had the groceries in her vehicle.  The accused hired Melissa DuBose as her trial counsel on the day of her trial. Without any time for preparation Melissa DuBose was able to obtain a hung jury.  The case was re-tried a few weeks later and Melissa DuBose convinced the jury of her client’s innocence by bringing in all the groceries her client had allegedly stolen and illustrating for the jury how the items wouldn’t fit into the purse the defendant was carrying on the surveillance video. If it doesn’t fit…you must acquit!  The jury found the young woman “NOT GUILTY!” 2009

  A businessman and father was pulled over for speeding on his way home from attending a fundraiser for a local private school.  His wife and brother-in-law were in the car.  The officer smelled alcohol on his breath and suspected him of driving while intoxicated.  The officer conducted a field sobriety test, which the businessman failed.  The officer arrested him for driving while intoxicated.  Melissa DuBose took the case to trial in front of a jury and was able to convince several of the jurors that her client was innocent.  Melissa DuBose obtained a hung jury.  The district attorney’s office subsequently dismissed the DWI charge and Melissa DuBose’s client was never convicted of driving while intoxicated. 2010

Other Recent Results

Young man charged with a felony possession of a controlled substance and four misdemeanors including two additional charges for possession of controlled substances, a charge for the unlicensed carrying of a weapon and a charge for possession of marijuana.  Melissa DuBose got all four of the misdemeanor charges dismissed and worked out a plea bargain for the felony.  The defendant was placed on deferred probation. 2010
A young pregnant woman had a domestic dispute with her boyfriend.  She was arrested for a class “A” family violence assault.  Melissa DuBose got the case DISMISSED without the need for trial! The young woman never had to be on probation, never had to do community service and never had to pay any fines for the offense. 2010
A young man was charged with assaulting the mother of his children and interfering with a 911 call. Melissa DuBose got both cases DISMISSED without the need for trial.  The defendant never paid any fines or court costs and was never placed on any kind of probation for the offense. 2010
A young marine was charged with a class “B” misdemeanor for fleeing the scene of an accident.  Melissa DuBose got the case DISMISSED without the need for trial.  Defendant was never placed on probation and was never ordered to pay fines or court costs associated with this case. 2010
A local hairdresser was charged with a felony for improper photography.  Melissa DuBose got the case reduced down to a misdemeanor and worked out a plea bargain with the district attorney.  The gentleman accused of the offense was placed on one year deferred probation with a $100 fine. 2010
A young woman was charged with two misdemeanors for harassment and assault.  Melissa DuBose got the assault charge DISMISSED and worked out a plea bargain on the harassment charge.  The young woman was placed on deferred probation for one year and was assessed a $100 fine. 2010
A young man who allegedly vandalized a vehicle was charged with a felony offense for criminal mischief.  Melissa DuBose got the case DISMISSED without the need for a trial!  The defendant never had to do probation or pay fines or court costs associated with this case. 2009

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